Kin plus Co teneriffe Kit + Co does a good mushroom bagel.

5 Food Trends we’d love to see in 2016 (and 3 we’ll probably get instead!)

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There were plenty of food trends in 2015. Burgers kicked off the year with places like Chur, Bens Burgers, and Miss Kay’s receiving a huge amount of attention. Then there was donuts. And salted caramel. And cocowhip. And Acai bowls. It was a good year for craft beer too with new watering holes opening on both the north and south side of the river city including Fitz and Potts, Brisbane Brewing Co, and the Tap’d at Booval.

Here’s a few trends that we’d love to see in 2016:

  1. Jaffles.

Not toasted sandwiches. Jaffles. And I will burn the roof of your mouth with hot jaffle filling if you try to tell me that they’re the same thing (And if you have had jaffles you know just how bad that is). Fitz and Potts has planted in me a hunger for jaffles that activates like a gravitational pull towards Fitz and Potts the closer I get to Nundah. It was a black pudding jaffle that awakened this hunger, but if Brisbane embraces the jaffle who knows what varieties we might get next – Vietnamese style jaffles? A pizza jaffle? Desert jaffles? I’m salivating just thinking about it.

2.   Share Plates

Share plates are brilliant for trying lots of different meals without breaking the bank. My favourite restaurant for share plates in Brisbane is Public. Whenever my partner and I visit public we split 5-6 meals and it’s always an exciting experience. For people that would rather eat several smaller cheaper meals than one large meal share plates are your solution.

duck cigars public brisbane

Do you call them tapas or share-plates? Either way they’re a brilliant way to satisfy food explorers with wanderlusting palates.

3.  Smoked things.

I fell in love with the house smoked salmon at Suburban cafe – love at first bite. There’s so much just ‘ok’ smoked salmon out there that it’s easy to forget how delicious house-smoked salmon can be. The smoked salmon at Suburban is potent, savoury, and world’s above the smoked salmon that you’d find in woolies or in your $2 sushi special. Salmon, however, is just the beginning. Bring on the smoked cheeses, smoked mushrooms, and smoked meats. If 2016 is the year of smoked foods the HITW team will be ecstatic.

4.  Sweet Potato Fries

I can hear you already “But there’s already plenty of good sweet potato fries in Brisbane”.. NO. There are only 2 venues in Brisbane that I have discovered that truly do good sweet potato fries and they are NKB Express at Indooroopilly and Just Poppy’s at Riverhills. Once you’ve tried their sweet potato fries you’l never be able to go back to the soggy imitations found at most places. Good sweet potato fries are thick – almost like wedges – with a textured crunchy exterior and a soft center. Brisbane needs to life it’s sweet potato game and copy these masters of starch!

5.  Leftovers for breakfast

It’s an established fact that certain foods taste better the next morning. Curry always improves overnight, a cold sausage (no innuendo intended) straight from alfoil in the fridge is so-bad-it’s-good when you’re hungover, and morning-after-party pizza – whether reheated or consumed cold – is a staple of university students everywhere. So why aren’t cafes catering to our less-conventional breakfast desires? Sometimes my body doesn’t care whether it’s 7:32am, it wants a carbonara dammit! And that’s really hard to find early in the morning! Fortunately places like Morning After and Hansel and Gretel Cafe understand me and provide options like savoury mince on toast and, you guessed it, breakfast carbonara.

Morning After Cafe West End Review

Breakfast carbonara from Morning After – The new bacon and eggs?

Savoury Mince on Toast at Hansel and Gretel Cafe (Img Credit: David Walsh)

Savoury Mince on Toast at Hansel and Gretel Cafe (Img Credit: David Walsh)


Breakfast is just a label man... (Img Credit: alexkon - Flickr)

Breakfast is just a label man… (Img Credit: alexkon – Flickr)

And here’s 3 trend predictions for 2016:

1. Matcha Tea

I have no idea what matcha is, but people cooler than me seem to be drinking it so it’s probably going to hit the big time soon. Is is delicious or is it kale? Who knows?. But I think we’ll be seeing a lot of it in 2016.

Nice to matcha...

Nice to matcha… I think?

2. Dessert Restaurants

First there was Freestyle Tout, then there was Max Brenner, then Cowch came along… The dessert restaurant theme hasn’t exploded like the doughnut fad but it certainly shows potential. I’m calling at least 3-4 more dessert restaurants opening in 2016.

Happy Moo Year! We’re open today so you can start 2016 on a sweet note. #cowch #southbank

A photo posted by @cowch_southbank on

3. Bagels.

I predict that episode #2016 of “Brisbane shamelessly copies Americana cuisine” will be a Bagel Special. In a twist of beautiful irony even Brisbane’s biggest purveyor of food hype was forced to recently admit that many of us have hit saturation point with doughnuts and burgers. Fortunately America has plenty more carb and sugar heavy foods to offer us, one of which I’ve noticed increasing in popularity over the past few months: Bagels. Personally, I don’t see all the fuss; aren’t bagels just chewy bread rolls? Anyhow I’m predicting the opening of at least one dedicated bagel shop in Brisbane and a bagel option in menus at all new-comer cafes in Brisbane in 2016.

Kin plus Co teneriffe

Kit + Co does a good mushroom bagel.


If bagels kick off I'm putting it down to Grindhouse's excellent selection.

If bagels kick off I’m putting it down to Grindhouse‘s excellent selection.

Article by Andrew Bloyce.

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