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Hole In The Wall is run by a small team of young foodies who came together with the shared passion of turning our love of good food into something productive. We bring Brisbanites reviews and articles about the best hidden-gem restaurants, bars, cafes, and events that Brisbane has to offer. We write personal, intelligent, honest and (we hope) witty articles that are more in depth than your average restaurant review. We are unswayed by hype, and will speak honestly about our experiences at all costs. We will prove to you that you don’t have to go to Melbourne to experience an excellent foodie culture; there’s plenty to experience in Brisbane –  if you know where to look!

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Andrew Bloyce – Creative Director

Andrew profile

I’m Andrew Bloyce – One of the founding members of HITW and the writer that you can probably identify from the reviews with the long personal anecdotes. I like to write about craft beer bars, hidden cafes, and restaurants that serve strange foods. I am always looking for new foodie experiences and enjoy putting my tastebuds on the line to sample whatever culinary risk Brisbane decides to embrace next: whether it’s ants, emu, or kale. Outside of HITW I work in Marketing for a Homebrew store, play the trombone in a jazz band, and work part-time for Uber.


Madeline Smith – Writer / Editor / PR Mogul

Maddy Profile

Hello! I’m Maddy. I’ve been with HITW since its inception as one of the founding members and official food snobs. I am a strong believer that brunch is more than just an excuse to eat breakfast twice, it’s a way of life. For me, HITW is a place where I get to foster my passion for fine wine (edit: abusing a bar tab), cheesy puns, eating food and telling everyone about it. So thank you for listening!

By day I train as a makeup artist and freelance as a PR assistant. By night I am often found in a food coma.


Kit Kriewaldt – Writer / Editor / Cocktails Expert

Kit Profile

I’m always on the hunt for Brisbane’s best bars and breakfasts, though not usually at the same time. My love of interesting spirits and my willingness to try any new cocktail once have made me the drinks writer of HITW. When I’m not out on the town, I can be found arguing with people about the collapse of societal standards and the correct ranking of each actor who’s played James Bond.


Jess Morman – Writer / Lifestyle Columnist

jess with donut

If there’s one thing I love more than eating food, it’s everything else about food. I’m in love with the design and preparation of it, the cultures and beliefs relating to it, the community who are involved with it, the passion and stories of the people who create it, and the memories that are built around it. Food is an experience to be shared, I’m excited to share it with you!


Giulietta Avenia – Writer/ Pizza Enthusiast


Food has always been a big part of my life, whether it’s making ravioli with my Nonno, baking cakes with my mama or going out with my girlfriends for a delicious dinner and a (4) glass(es) of wine. I like to write about fine dining experiences that you can have on a modest budget. My favourite cuisine is modern Italian and I will happily correct the mispronunciation of any Italian words (including my own name).