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I’ve been trying to make Hole in the Wall bigger and better lately (hopefully you have noticed!). This means more Instagram posts, more reviews, and more Brisbane-specific information. I’m also going to help promote the work of innovate entrepreneurs in the food and drink industry; Entrepreneurs like Fred from Alcobox!

Fred’s idea came from a problem familiar to most of us. You’ve invited some friends around for casual drinks. It gets late. The conversation turns to relationships, sex, the existence of deities, and which Kardashian is currently pregnant: it’s clear that what began as casual drinks has evolved into something more. And that’s how it starts. No-one plans to tell their co-workers about that time you decided to explore the solidity of your heterosexuality – these things just happen. It’s an organic process that deserves the opportunity to flourish.

But too often these evenings are interrupted through the realisation that booze supplies are diminishing. Nobody wants to drink that cooking wine at the back of your cupboard but the local liquor stores are closed so what is there to do?

Well, until now you might have just sat there and sobbed. Just sat and sobbed salty tears of salty despair contemplating your salty existence. I’ve done it many times.

But now there’s another option. Now you can call Fred from Alcobox to deliver you a gift hamper of booze, chocolate, chips, and even cigarettes if that’s your thing. Within the hour your party will be kick-started with drinks and snacks hand delivered by the ideas-man himself. The whole process is managed using a streamlined uber-esque tracking system where you can watch in anticipation as your drunken delivery draws near.

Fred from

Alcoboxes are guaranteed to increase your party size and give you longer lasting and more intense parties.

Starting this evening and continuing through the long-weekend Alcobox is giving 25% off their entire range of Alcoboxes as a launch promotion. This is great news because one of my few criticisms of the Alcobox idea is the pricing structure. Given certain legal requirements Alcobox operates as a gift basket provider. This means that the snacks included in your delivery are compulsory by law. Unfortunately this also means that there is no option for a cheaper overall cost by ditching the chips-and-cards “filler”. Nontheless the prices quoted are significantly cheaper than what you would pay if you decided to go to a club – and for the benefit of not having to put on pants I think it’s worth it.

Fred is in the process of refining the Alcoboxes to make every element included in the box relevant to your all-night party needs.

Playing cards are included in the Alcoboxes - Great idea!

Playing cards are included in the Alcoboxes – Great idea!

One particularly exciting idea (that will be added to the website by this weekend) is the inclusion of a ‘cocktail Alcobox’. The cocktail alcobox will provide all the materials needed to make your own fancy cocktails at home; because if you’ve ever tried to find a bunch of mint at 2am you’ll know you might as well be trying to explain metaphysics to a gecko.

To say that Alcobox fills a gap in the market is an understatement. With the rise of on-demand everything (TV, Taxis, Music) Alcobox has come at the right time.

You can support Alcobox by following them on Facebook, bookmarking the alcobox website in your browser, and – of course- ordering a box at your next impromptu party.


Article by Andrew Bloyce 

NOTE: Hole in the Wall Brisbane is in no way affiliated with This review is impartial and motivated only by our love for more readily accessible alcohol.

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