Brisbane welcomes salad vending machines thanks to All Real Food

Posted by on Jul 15, 2015 in Retail, Takeaway

I know what you’re thinking – ‘really? salad vending machines?…’. Trust me when I say that we at HITW had our reservations when we heard about it too. That was until we tried the food, met the team behind the operation and saw the vending machine do its thing.

All Real Food was created by Daniella Stalling, Mark Woodhead and Keng Murray who were all united by their passion for creating and eating real, holistic and organic food that tastes and feels good.

Their desire to make health food more easily accessible to Brisbanites led them to do as the Japanese do and pop it in a vending machine! It might sound gimmicky at first, but if given the choice between a healthy, filling salad or a measly packet of doritos and a sugar filled iced tea, I know what I would choose! Fast food doesn’t need to mean junk food and All Real Food are aiming to remove that stigma.

We have also been assured that the salads in the machines will be restocked every single day (although they stay fresh to eat for 4 days and all salads have a ‘best by’ date) and all salads that have not been eaten will be donated to charity 🙂 read up on the specifics here.

They have a couple of retailers across brisbane currently selling their salads with the first self-service vending machine set to hit the Valley Metro in the next couple of weeks.

All Real Food are planning on rolling out more machines in areas where great quality healthy food is hard to come by, such as hospitals, universities and transit stations so keep your eyes peeled!

All Real Food not only offer salads, but they also have health slices, salad toppers, breakfast items like museli, felafels and smoothies. The salads are all priced around the $10 mark. Not bad for an instant lunch!





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Article by Madeline Smith


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