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Surviving Christmas with friends in Brisbane when you’re broke as hell.

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Friend 1: “omg I totes bought you the best xmas present. I kinda splurged but you’re so worth it!”

Friend 2: ‘wow same you’re gonna love what I got for you’

Friend 1: “no way!!!!1!!! you shouldn’t have”

Friend 2: ‘haha it was really no effort because I actually got you nothing!!!’

Friend 1: “lol you’re so funny!!! this is why I spend all my money on you! cya at the Christmas party, bestie!!!!!”

Friend 2: *cringes, estimating value of pocket change and lint*



Is the thought of Christmas shopping kinda making you wanna cry? Does your to-buy-for list keep growing and growing and you’re not too sure how it’s happening but it’s spiraling way outta your control and budget?

Is it sucking all the joy outta the holiday season? Would you rather do something totally awesome and memorable instead of worrying about breaking the bank on prezzies for all your mates?

Duh – of course you would.

I reckon we should do away with this ‘buy presents for all of the friends’ BS and get back to focusing on BEING MERRY and HAVING FUN instead of stressing the heck out!



Chill out, guys. Let’s put the fun, love and heart back into the holiday season.

Here’s some ideas on how to celebrate Christmas with your best buds through taking a moment out of the craziness to have a rad time and enjoy each others company.


Bull rides, beers and burgers.

I’ll let you make a responsible decision about the order of approach to that situation.

Just promise me you’ll weigh out the strength of your stomach and dependency on liquid courage when you step up to the ring at the Capalaba Tavern on the 15th of December.

Some of Brisbane’s best food trucks will be there catch you when you epicly fly off of the bull at the 2015 Capalaba Bullride, and all your mates are slappin’ their knees laughing at you.

Don’t worry, y’all – after a few beers you’ll be laughing about it too.

For an arvy of extreme cowboy sports, street food, drinks and entertainment best enjoyed with the whole gang, visit the event page to grab your tickets to the Rodeo.



Ugly sweaters are so last year. Try beer goggles and kinda-thinking caps.

No sweat if you’re after something little more conservative and a little less vomit-inducing (without removing the possibility altogether).

Yeah, I know your Nan plays it down at the RSL once a week, but don’t be scared into thinking that taking her lead by getting in on some trivia action would make you look like a total wimp.

Think about it. There’s a reason she keeps going back, and it probably isn’t the abundance of eye candy… or is it?

Trivia is a super fun way to bond with your buddies, and the best part is that you don’t even have to know stuff – ‘cos let’s face it, who knows stuff after a few beers, anyway? It’s all about having a good time and enjoying the company. Fab drinks, delish foods, cash prizes and Simpsons themes are all added bonuses.

Get the gang together to hit up some MAN vs. BEAR Trivia. Check out their site for a list of events and regular venues which roll out right across the Christmas period.

Pro tip: they’re regulars to one of my personal faves in Stones Corner, Shady Palms. Definitely a fun place for a chilled Christmas gatho with some awesome, American-style, affordable grub.


Gift with your gut.

Still not sure about abandoning prezzies altogether? Here’s a cool idea that’s spontaneous, soulful and in the spirit of gifting.

Assemble the squad at the Wandering Cooks Christmas Market on Saturday the 16th of December to give the gift of a stuffed stocking gob.

When you get arrive, draw each others names from a hat, then spend some time meandering around the markets with a cheeky bevvy in hand as you search for the perfect ‘Secret Santa’ gift for your lucky pal.

Everything you’ll find here is sure to be delicious and local, so you know it’s got that little extra sprinkle of Christmas lovin’. If it gets to crunch time and you’re stumped, hampers with scrummy goodies are also available!



Whatever you choose, don’t let the stress take over the joy. Spend this Christmas kickin’ back with the ones you love and some Baileys on the rocks.

We don’t work a bajillion hours over the festive season just to blow it all on presents that will be forgotten in a month, anyway.

Enjoy the company, and have a Merry Christmas!



Words by Jess Morman
Feature Image by Wandering Cooks

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