Going loco for tacos at Comuna Cantina

Posted by on May 18, 2016 in Bars, beer, Cafes, Restaurants, Spirits

One of Brisbane city’s newest additions, Comuna Cantina has been gaining momentum fast and with good reason. Comuna is situated in the heart of the mall on Albert Lane and has already established itself as a hotspot for after work cocktails and nibbles.

Comuna is the kind of venue the mall needed – relaxed, fun, on trend and social. So many of the ‘hipper’ venues in the mall are intimate, dimly lit, seductive affairs that lend themselves to a classy glass of wine rather than tequila fuelled cocktails. Having said that, however, I don’t think Comuna Cantina is breaking any new ground really. ‘Hipster-Australian-Mexican’ places have been done before and done better but that doesn’t mean there is reason not to love Comuna. It fills a gap in the CBD dining arena, it’s tasty and it’s fun.

The menu is ideal for sharing or a small bite. I had a chicken taco, a fish taco and some sweet potato fries. The chicken taco was great and the chicken was seasoned really well; nothing surprising really, just a tasty taco! The fish taco however, was quite mushy and dull. I wouldn’t order it again. I also had a cocktail that I can’t exactly remember the name of but it was something along the lines of ‘coco-loco’ and it had chilli in it. It was really tasty, not too sweet and very refreshing. The sangria at Comuna is also only $8 for a glass which is a real plus in my books and I’ll probably be returning one day after work precisely for this reason.

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My friend also ordered a Mexican beef burger, which has a black bun. Apparently the black bun aids your digestion. I’m not really sure what the magical ingredient is but it didn’t taste too much different to a regular bun to be honest.


If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican feed, Comuna Cantina is NOT the place you want to go. Even if you’re looking for a Mexican-fusion feed, I could think of a few other places that do it better than Comuna. But if you’re looking for a fresh new place for after work drinks, something to nibble on to take the edge off and a very reasonably priced glass of sangria, Comuna Cantina will tick all your boxes.


Head in after work and check out Comuna Cantina at 175 Albert Lane, Brisbane.

Check out their Facebook here and their Instagram here.


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