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Da’licious burgers at DA’Burger

Posted by on Nov 16, 2013 in Restaurants, Takeaway

Burgers and chips have been established as a staple element in my diet for quite some time now – fruit, veg, carbs, protein, potato-based starches (chips), water, burger. See? Super balanced. But never has my masterpiece of a diet been as complete as it was after consuming DA’Burger.

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DA’Burger is the latest burger joint to hit New Farm and is hell-bent on spreading their burger philosophy to the masses. James and Wendy D’ath, owners and creators of DA’Burger, approach burger-crafting with scientific precision by implementing ‘the burger triangle’. Each glorious burger is crafted with equal care in respects to the three elements; meat, bun and salad. With each tier expertly sourced and crafted, the burger triangle is complete. Triangles are also flat pyramids, and my favorite pyramid is the food pyramid, so I think logically I could definitely substitute my food pyramid for a burger triangle… same thing, right? Good.

I took my brother down to DA’Burger last week to get some burgers in our bellies and incidentally got a side order of good karma. The menu at DA’Burger is seriously impressive, which made it hard to only order one burger. Once I conceded defeat to the size of my stomach, I ordered one ‘DA’Vegie Burger’ with chips and home made tomato relish and my burger-loving sidekick went for the aptly named ‘The Cure’ as he was hung-over and in need of a remedy, stat!

We whittled away the time and momentarily forgot our hunger-pains by playing the mini Connect Four that was on our table. We hadn’t even finished our first game when our meals arrived. I was originally skeptical of my burger as there was no veggie pattie or giant mushroom forming the basis of the burger, instead this burger relied on grilled haloumi and zucchini to be the star attraction. My preconceptions were quietly laid to rest after my first bite; my veggie burger was divine. I have been informed on good authority that ‘The Cure’ burger was glorious. Here is a photo if you don’t believe me:



While the burgers were spectacular, I will say that the chips were a little dull. I do have an unnatural affinity for any form of potato, especially chips, and I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as a bad chip. I think the burgers were so phenomenal that I was expecting the chips to be equally as phenomenal but they fell short, however they did act as a vessel with which to carry the phenomenal tomato relish to my mouth. Sorry chips, tough break.

DA’Burger not only fills you up and enriches your diet, it enriches your soul. The team at DA’Burger work in conjunction with youth organisation, REACH, to help local disadvantaged teens in areas such as health, housing, recreation & social engagement, emergency relief, education and employment. As if that didn’t remove all the guilt out of eating a burger, the D’ath’s also run the ‘Redcliffe Peninsula Moreton Bay Marine Education and Rescue Centre’. So you should probably adopt the burger triangle as your new mantra, eat thousands of burgers and save some whales. All in a days work.

DA’Burger is located at 876 Brunswick St, New Farm.
To have a look at their menu and drool over your keyboard, check out their website.
Keep up to date with all the burger related news by liking their Facebook page.

– by Madeline Smith

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