I tried all of them. I may possibly now have diabetes. Worth it. I tried all of them. I may possibly now have diabetes. Worth it.

Donut Boyz – Is this new contender the real deal, or more hype?

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Need to Know:

When: Donut Boyz Opening – Friday 12th of June at 4pm.
Where: 93 Boundary Street West End (next to Gunshop Cafe)
What: The best donuts in Brisbane

I tried all of them. I may possibly now have diabetes. Worth it.

I tried all of them. I may possibly now have diabetes. Worth it.

The One Sentence Review:

Donut Boyz donuts are the best donuts I’ve ever had – they are fluffy, generously filled, creative in flavours, and at just $3.50 for a glazed donut and $4.50 for a filled donut they hit the sweet spot between Krispy Kreme and, well, you know.

This is their temporary box. Bigger and better box to come!

This is their temporary box. Bigger and better box to come!

The Full Review:

I recently wrote about the massive hype surrounding donuts in Brisbane. Given the article’s surprise popularity I guess a lot of Brisbanites agree – Charging $6 for a flashy donut might win you patronage from hungry hipster valley go-ers but it won’t impress the foodies.

Donut Boyz is the newcomer to the race.

When I heard about Donut Boyz I contacted them immediately to see whether they’d let me in for a sneak preview of their donuts before they opened. In the interests of full disclosure I emailed them my scathing review of Doughnut Time and The Doughnut Bar so they knew what they could potentially be in for and waited – albeit not expecting a response.

I was genuinely surprised when Scott, manager of the West End Donut Boyz, agreed to meet with me and chat about his new shop. I soon discovered why: Donut Boyz are not hiding behind clever marketing, they are not relying on their location and their clientele being inebriated, and they have plenty to be proud of.

Scott and his business Partner Tony are a powerful duo – Scott has a many years of Marketing Experience under his belt and successfully launched the Maroochydore Donut Boyz on the Sunshine Coast while Tony is an accomplished chef who spent much of his career at the 2-hatted Brisbane restaurant Stokehouse. Donut Boyz donuts pull inspiration from deserts (Lemon Meringe and Blueberry Cheesecake for instance) and are prepared by pastry chefs. Their donuts are generously filled, fluffy, and have a wide array of flavours that deviate from being ‘just sugary’.

Here’s a run through of what I tried: (Brace yourself for the onslaught of food-porn)


Here we have: Chocolate Malt (with a chocolate Macaroon), Salted Caramel Popcorn, Lemon Meringue, Blueberry Cheesecake, Jam Filled, and Strawberry Glaze.


Jam it in your face (thanks Maxibon for that tops joke)


Check out that jam! No bright red fake stuff here: this is real, grandma-approved, strawberry jam.


Chocolate Malt.


The gooey centre tastes like YoGo. Remember YoGo? There was a gorilla and a snake and they were on every second TV advertisement in the 90’s. Remember? This tastes like memories.


Strawberry Glaze.


Salted Caramel Popcorn.


This was probably one of my favorites, and i’m not even a big fan of Salted Caramel!


Blueberry Cheesecake. That’s real cream cheese in there! Very strong blueberry flavour, a stand-out for creativity.


Lemon Meringue. Notice the empty box of donuts in the background? It’s tough being a food blogger.



Look at me. Boarding the hype train myself. I guess I’ve lost my edge. Where’s the cutting critique?

As hard as I try I can’t find any criticisms of Donut Boyz – they’ve done everything right and deserve to be very successful.

Check them out. Eat some donuts. Be Merry.


Review by Andrew Bloyce. 

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