Doughnut Time VS The Doughnut Bar

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Doughnut Time vs The Doughnut Bar

Brisbane, I love you. I love the River and the Citycats. I love West End and all the rad folks that live there. I love the theatre culture from QPAC through to The Powerhouse through to Underground Productions and Vena Cava. I love the growing craft beer culture. I love that Food Trucks are taking off. I love the Valley. I love the blind busker in the Queen Street Mall and even the irritating steel pipes guy that hangs out near the casino.

And I love you, dear reader.

But we need to talk.

You came here because you wanted to know which is better – Doughnut Time or The Doughnut Bar?


Ooooh pretty colours


Well here’s your answer:

They’re both not worth it!

Let me say what I’m sure many of you are thinking: “Six Dollars for a doughnut. That’s a bit expensive right?”

Yes. Yes it is.

But nobody says anything. Because doughnuts are very cool right now. And if you say anything bad about the doughnuts the cool kids won’t hang out with you at the lunch table.

can't sit


But enough is enough.

My honest appraisal of both Doughnut Time and The Doughnut Bar is that their doughnuts are merely good.

NOT:  “OMG @everysinglefriendIhave We NEED to go here!!”

NOT:  “Just lined up for 25 minutes for this. #Worthit!”

Just good.


Its never a good time for overpriced doughnuts.



Taste-wise they are both of a similar standard to Krispy Kreme but with a more instagram-worthy presentation. Oh yes, they’re pretty: The colours come up really nicely when shared on every social network you have. I know because I’ve done it too!

But is it worth the hype?

Go on Instagram. Or Urbanlist. Or pretty much ANY of the big Brisbane food blogs and you’ll see what I mean. Everyone is foaming at the mouth for these doughnuts. The hype is so extreme that when I bought my first doughnut I was prepared in case I had an orgasm on the spot and/or blurted out a loud love proposal to my doughnut. Instead I ate half of it absent-mindedly before realising that I’d consumed my 6 dollars with an enjoyment rating that barely tipped ‘mild’.

For 6 Dollars Brisbane can offer you a lot: There are excellent coffees, cakes, croissants, fruit salads, acai bowls, and smoothies to be found.

Stay strong Brisbane. FIGHT THE HYPE.


Review by Andrew Bloyce.

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