Fitz and Potts Nundah The breezy deck is glorious.

Fitz and Potts: Your new summer hangout

Posted by on Sep 28, 2015 in Bars, beer

I recently visited Cassie Potts and Brett Fitzpatrick, the owners of your new summer hangout: Fitz and Potts in Nundah.


Cassie and Brett are the type of folks that you’d want to find behind your local bar: a power duo of motivation and passion with just enough quirkiness to keep you coming back for chats. They are also incredibly real. By this I mean that they remind you of every other person who distantly tells you that they’d like to one day: a) Start their own bar or restaurant, b) Migrate to *insert country*, or c) Get six-pack abs. Except that Cassie and Brett are actually doing it! And they’re doing it for the right reasons; they’re not starting a bar in Nundah because they’ve done a cost benefit analysis on the up-and-coming suburbs and the computer spat out Nundah. And they’re not just trying to capitalise on the rise of craft beer. No, it’s a far simpler and more human reason than that – Cassie in Brett share a mutual love of good food, good beer, and each other (awwww).

As I sat on the deck of Fitz and Potts Cassie and Brett enthused about their project in a way that made me want to quit my job and start my own bar too (Anyone want to help fund the Hole in the Wall Bar?). Their infectious enthusiasm has eeked out into their decor and menu too. The bar is a converted house with a large room for their long bar, a hallway-turned-dance-space, and the very mysterious blue-room. As Cassie gave me the tour she pointed out assorted bits and pieces that she’d picked up from garage sales and gumtree over the past 6 months. There’s interesting lampshades, fairy lights, and a large canopy covered in vines. It was a little to early to detect any specific stylistic themes except to say that the words eclectic, kitsch, and vintage come to mind. The summer highlight, however, is sure to be the astroturf-clad deck overlooking the main strip of Nundah. The deck, with it’s own dedicated bar, is a breezy spot ideal for people watching and beers. Sitting on the deck at Fitz and Potts deck feels like a Sunday afternoon at your mates place. Except none of your mates have a beer and food selection anywhere near as good as Fitz and Potts.

Fitz and Potts Nundah

Cassie really knows beer. She is the operations manager for Ekim Brewing and is very well connected in the Brisbane beer scene. She also produced the beer blog (which is sadly retired) that, along with 250 Beers, contributed to the stratospheric level of beer-geekiness that I possess today. Unsurprisingly, Fitz and Potts will have an excellent beer line-up at all times. The taps will frequently change to keep up with seasonal and special releases and they will primarily pour beers from local micro and craft breweries. Some of of the breweries you can expect to see are: Ekim Brewing Co (Sydney), Red Duck (VIC), Croft Brewing Co (Bris), Exit Brewing (Vic), Kaiju (Vic), Killer Sprocket (Vic), Bacchus Brewing Co (Bris), Newstead Brewing Co (Bris), Moon Dog (Vic), Temple Brewing Co (Vic), and Wayward Brewing Co (Syd). There will also be taps dedicated to cider and ginger beer.


Remember the mysterious blue-room I referenced earlier? I predict that it’s going to be one of the most intriuging rooms at Fitz and Potts. In contrast to the bright and summery deck the blue room is a dimly lit and atmospheric tribute to unique and boutique spirits produced in Australia. The spirits menu makes Cassie and Brett’s intentions clear with the preface: “All our spirits/liqueurs are artisan products with a definitive and complex flavours, and so we encourage you to drink them neat or on ice”. Beautiful. There is certainly plenty to get excited about on the list with Botanic Australis Gin (distilled with wattle seed, lilly pilly, lemon myrtle, native ginger, and finger limes), Big Black Cock Whiskey by Mount Uncle Distillery (can’t wait to get that in my mouth…Err, that didn’t come out right), and even an International Silver Medal award winning Absinthe. I don’t class myself as a spirits drinker, but there’s so many unique choices that I’m sure I’ll find myself time and time again sampling spirits in the blue room.

The food at Fitz and Potts is several rungs above “standard bar food” in it’s creativity and diversity. There’s bar snacks (olives, edamame, smoked almonds, etc), share plates, goat pies, and an extensive mini-degustation style make-your-own option which allows you to piece together your own creation with gourmet ingredients like baby pickled figs, cured meats, dukkah, falafel, and assorted cheeses. It’s a tribute to Brisbane’s local foodie culture that encourages you to experiment and explore. It’s also very friendly to vegetarians and vegans – they have falafel, tofurky, and tofuffi cream cheese! If you’re a vego you’ll attest that it’s these products that make your life worth living.

Fitz and Potts is due to open within the first few weeks of October this year.

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