Holloway just looks like a cosy hideaway. Holloway just looks like a cosy hideaway.

Pizzartist at Holloway: Some Pizza With Your Glasses?

Posted by on Apr 23, 2015 in Restaurants, Retail

Holloway is a bespoke eyewear shop and restaurant at West End. If that doesn’t sound strange to you, just move to Melbourne already. Everyone else, read on.

The lampshades at Holloway.

The lampshades are made out of Holloway’s old glasses frames.

Actually, as of this week, Holloway is now three things in one. After selling glasses and watches during the day, the shop transforms into a high quality Italian restaurant on Saturday nights. The restaurant has been booked solid lately, and that’s where Pizzartist comes in.

From Wednesday to Friday, keen diners can now get Italian-style pizza at Holloway without needing to book months in advance. Opening night on Wednesday was a full house, and after sampling the entrees and the pizzas – both savoury and sweet – I can see why demand has been so high.

The Romanista pizza

The Romanista pizza comes with chilli honey and is delicious. That is all.

Amongst all the colourful restaurants on Hardgrave Road, Holloway really stands out. The shopfront is so low-key, it draws your attention immediately.

Inside, you’ll see wood everywhere. It’s warm and welcoming, and the space feels cosy. The service is very personal and the staff are as excited about the food as the customers are.

The inside of Holloway, looking in.

Why yes, those are guitars being used as shelves. What do you do with them?

If you’re a fan of crispy pizza bases and flavoursome, fresh toppings, add Pizzartist to your ‘must visit’ list. If you’re more of a morning person, they’re hoping to start opening for Saturday breakfasts in a few weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

The inside of Holloway, looking out.

The space is small, but it doesn’t feel cramped.

Holloway window sign

Review by Kit Kriewaldt.

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