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#healthyfood? Piece of cake.

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I don’t know about you, but when I’m scrolling down my Instagram feed looking for some dessert #foodspo, a healthy recipe isn’t likely to earn that ‘I’ll consider it’ screenshot unless it takes less than 15 minutes to prepare and the ingredients don’t sound like prescription drugs.

When my mind is already half way through a family bag of Malteasers, I definitely don’t have 8 hours spare just waiting for those two (damn expensive) cups of cashews to soak, let alone search for a GP that can provide me with a script for Xylitol.

Basically, any kind of slice with a title containing the word ‘raw’ next to some kind of nut is something I would only imagine being served to Kim Kardashian on a $100 bill. It needs to be a pretty easy and/or pretty impressive recipe in order for me to make that painful detour past the 99c chocolate bars and in the direction of the ingredients among the shelves of the health food aisle at my local Woolies.

So, take my word for it when I say that the Brisbane-based masterchefmind you are about to become acquainted with has created the Holy Grail of inspiration for the lazy sweet tooth who prefers a dessert that won’t conceive a food baby of guilt.

If you aren’t one of the 12 thousand Instagrammers to have joined Ines Scholtes’ (@wholesome_ines) following in the last six months, prepare to change that status in about 11 minutes with the combination of just 7 ingredients.

Ines Lava Cake

It has been rumoured that this recipe was originally crafted by the hands of God.

Yes, that is a molten lava cake. No, it wasn’t home-delivered with cheese pizza and garlic bread. But keep that belt buckle securely fastened, because here’s where sh- starts to get really cray…

Putting together the recipe for this version is both easier and healthier than ordering from Dominos.

Since February of this year, Ines’ growing collection of recipes similar to this has been sending her Instagram followers into a crazed, refined-sugar-free fit.

‘No way did I expect to have the support – and so quickly – that I have now,’ said Ines.

‘I originally had a fitness and food mixed account, but I felt like it wasn’t growing like I wanted it to. This year I decided to start a new account that focused on healthy alternatives that were my recipes.

‘It sort of just ended up being sweet recipes because personally, that’s what I liked best, and I feel like that’s what my followers like best too!’

Although Ines’ huge accumulation of followers over such a short space of time is totally impressive, what is truly inspiring about this young Brisbane entrepreneur is her wholehearted passion for health, food, family and community.

She even used the word ‘fun’ to describe her job, which involves whipping up acai bowls, smoothies and raw treats at Love Juice in Manly.

‘I am just amazed by how creative you can be with food and what it does for the soul,’ she said.

‘I definitely think food brings people together and in my family we’ve always loved to cook different types of food, enjoying it together.

‘I just love cooking and creating recipes to share with loved ones.’

Doesn’t that just make your heart feel warm and gooey, kinda like the centre of a molten lava cake? Doesn’t that make you want get in on the big group hug that’s taking place among the health-conscious community of Instagram?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions, now’s your chance to get immersed in the good vibes.

Whether your kitchen skills are at ‘microwave’ or ‘masterchef’ level, Ines is encouraging all of Brisbane’s food lovers to bring along a picnic rug and a plate of their own healthy creation to a picnic in Captain Burke Park (under the Story Bridge) at 11am on Saturday the 12th of September.

‘I just want people who love healthy living to come together and meet each other,’ said Ines.

‘Sometimes I find it hard to find someone who has the same passion as me, and I always love it when I do. I love meeting other people especially when we have similar interests.

‘I really want to bring everyone together, and food is the best way to do that!’

You’re guaranteed to leave with a full belly and mind blown over just how delicious and creative healthy food can be.

Did I mention that this is the perfect excuse to wear stretchy pants in public? Imagine what your Instagram followers will think when you post a selfie in your leggings and sneakers, captioned ‘Just off to a healthy picnic! #sugarfree #healthyfood #whatveganseat’.

Follow @wholesome_ines on Instagram for more fabulous, easy, guilt-free recipe inspiration as well as updated information on Ines’ picnic event.

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