Kit plus Co teneriffe Kin plus Co looks like a hole in the wall coffee nook from outside...

Kin + Co – Minimalist chic at Teneriffe

Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in Cafes

Kin + Co at Teneriffe is located on 24 Macquarie street –  right in between the main dining precincts of Teneriffe and New Farm.

It’s hard to find a cafe that exemplifies modern hospitality interior design more than Kin plus Co.  With it’s minimalistic, borderline-industrial styling Kin plus Co solidly establishes itself as a cafe for Macbook wielding young professionals and wealthy, green-smoothie-drinking gaggles of young mothers. And bloggers. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I’d be highly surprised if every potential new cafe didn’t have a conversation about how to best please the Instagram generation. Clean lines and block colours photograph well – cest’ la vie.

Kit plus Co teneriffe

Kin plus Co looks like a hole in the wall coffee nook from outside…

Kin plus Co teneriffe

But inside it’s modern and spacious

The coffee nook on the street level serves up excellent coffees to passerby’s but don’t be fooled into thinking that that’s all there is to Kin plus Co – It’s through the glass doors and down the stairs where the magic happens. The menu is a varied mix of breakfast standards (Avo on toast, eggs on toast), healthy options (sauteed greens and quinoa), and adventurous choices (Shakshuka). I opted for a Mushroom Bagel with portobello mushrooms, rocket, smoked cheddar, and sriracha mayo. My partner chose a breakfast burger with candied bacon, egg, fresh tomato, onion, spinach, gruyere cheese, and lemon and avocado mayonnaise.

Kin plus Co teneriffe

Oozy yolk.

My mushroom bagel should be praised for it’s composition of elements. As a meat-free option it’s as meaty as it gets. Everything that you miss as a vegetarian can be found in this bagel. There’s the mushrooms – the most meaty of all vegetables, the smoked cheddar – everything smoky reminds you of meat, and the sriracha mayo – which hits you in the face as hard as you’d like to hit anyone who calls vegetarian food ‘bland’. It’s a genius recipe. It’s execution, however, could probably have done with some fine-tuning. The mushrooms were small and kept falling out of the bun (maybe a large field mushroom would have been better) and the cheese was a little chunky and wasn’t melted – still, these are small criticisms when the bagel was so damn tasty.

Kin plus Co teneriffe

Mushroom Bagel – A thoroughly satisfying vego option.

The breakfast burger oozed a beautiful yolk from a perfectly cooked egg and hid it’s candied bacon among enough fresh and crunchy salads that you could almost convince yourself that you’re maintaining your diet. In terms of flavour this isnt’ your typical brekky burger. Rather than the standard tomato chutney or bbq sauce Kin plus Co offer a unique lemon and avocado mayonnaise. This, combined with the inclusion of the spinach, give this burger a fresher taste profile than many breakfast burgers.

Kin plus Co is a great addition to Teneriffe that knows it’s clientele well. It’s modern, attractive, has a range of different food options, and excellent staff. Give them a follow on Instagram or Facebook.


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