Kith ‘n’ make up with the thought of sharing food.

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Closely followed by the concept of brunch, sharing food is my idea of a perfect hell.

You can call me closed-minded, you can call me ignorant, you can even call me a selfish brat. None of these things are gonna stop me spinning on my heels and sprinting in the opposite direction when I see a menu board or restaurant signage plastered with the blasphemous T-word.




It’s like being a little kid all over again, sitting at the dinner table with your Mum being a hater and trying to tell you that you can’t have any dessert until you eat all the food you hate first.

Let the past die, I say.

I prefer to embrace the very limited perks of graduating childhood and becoming an adult, such as being able to make decisions about what is on my plate at meal times.

Sometimes that means eating pancakes for dinner (take that, Mum), and all of the time that means not enduring the fresh hell that is a sample of someone else’s awful taste in food.



But if there’s one thing that could possibly make the concept of shared food even worse in my mind, it would have to be sharing breakfast food.

You see, each morning before I even muster the energy to open my eyes, the first thing I think about is food.


“What am I gonna eat? How long will it take to prepare? What about lunch? Do I have any friends? Do I have any who might want to get dinner with me later? Should I plan the size of my breakfast around the possibility of that happening? Is that a legitimate possibility? Is it sad that I needed to consider this?”

– My brain at 6am


I don’t care if my belly’s still full of the numerous beers and the giant plate of chipotle wings mindlessly consumed the night before – nothing or no one is going to stand in the way of me eating within the first 15 minutes after rolling out of bed. And if they do, they’d/it’d better be pretty spesh (and able to withstand the wrath of my extreme hanger).

Enter, my hatred for brunch*.

Summary: I like to have my breakfast and eat it too. Immediately after waking up. Without sharing it. Also, I am a very bitter person. Especially in the mornings.

So anyway, you can imagine how heavily I reevaluated my entire life when I was scrolling down my Instagram feed one morning and actually gasped “God. Damn.” out loud as I stumbled upon this picture:



Just in case you can’t imagine, this is a re-enactment of what unfolded in the moments shortly after viewing the picture and reading the caption:



As if the world hadn’t experienced enough groundbreaking revelations for the morning, I then proceeded to ask my Dad to venture out of the house with me so that we could SHARE this BREAKFAST experience. TOGETHER.

I. Know.

So off we travelled, through the ‘burbs and into the backstreets of Mount Gravatt. The closer we got to approaching Kith ‘n’ Chow, the new kids on the block (quite literally) at Gaynesford street, the more nervous I became.

Questions started bobbing around in my head again.


“Shouldn’t I let there be more than one dish at the table? Isn’t that the basic concept of the T-word? Who am I? Can I really do this?”


The answer, in short, was no. I couldn’t do it. I didn’t order the shared brekky platter, but I feel like that is completely irrelevant now. It’s irrelevant because I was excited enough about sharing a meal that I made an attempt to do so at a time that was beyond the first 15 minutes of me getting out of bed.

‘Nuff said (jks I got a review to come yet).

Welcome to the adorbsness that is Kith ‘n’ Chow – Mount Gravatt’s permanently parked answer to Brisbane’s obsession with food trucks.

The van’s kitchen is primarily run by two inspiring young foodies, Susie (aka. @f.a.t.susie) and sister Minsie, who say that although they’ve been gaining some momentum with Brisbane’s shared-breakfast enthusiasts (*wheeze*) for about a month now, their new digs have already completely won over the hearts of neighbours with its quaint charm.

This makes sense, considering the name ‘Kith ‘n’ Chow’ roughly translates to ‘friends, neighbours and food’.


Kith 'n' Chow

As we’ve already established, one of the highlights of Kith ‘n’ Chow’s menu is their shared breakfast platter. In my opinion, it really is an item that summarises the entire breakfast experience from Wednesdays through Sundays at Mount G’s newest brekky hotspot.

It is a place to share a relaxed catch up with friends, family and even fur babies in a backyard environment. Here, you can enjoy unsophisticated and simple food, similar to something you might whip up in your own kitchen for loved ones, delivered with a whole ‘lotta love and without any effort required on your behalf.

Kith ‘n’ Chow is your home away from home. Your kitchen away from your kitchen. Your brekky in your backyard.

The menu isn’t extensive, but for now, the girls aren’t intending it to be.

Susie and Minsie are bravely dipping their toes into experimental territory, but they aren’t diving head-first into the deep end about it.

They hope for their menu of light and healthy breakfast food to eventually grow in the future, but as it is currently just the two of them taking shifts at manning the grill, they are very contented with serving simple and affordable menu items that bring together the friends, families and neighbours of Brisbane.

Like a little wimp (but not at all regrettably), I ended up going for the Mushroom Medley.


My plate consisted of mixed exotic mushrooms that were salty and flavoursome (I felt like royalty to be treated with exotic mushrooms in the first place) atop sautéed greens and crunchy sourdough.

Although I was very excited about the dollop of labne that was about to soothe my tastebuds, I couldn’t wait a moment longer than my shutter going off on this pic to ‘Chow’ down on that crispy stick of parmesan. And it was worth every one of those three seconds.

The presentation was enticing, and what could have been a traditionally simple dish was given a few subtle and thoughtful touches that made me feel a little extra special. Kinda like how (I imagine) it feels to be brought breakfast in bed, or to be given an extra thick slice of raisin toast instead of that slightly disappointing thin kind that you were expecting.

Oh – hold on, here’s a better example: I was kindly provided with an extra shot of espresso to accompany my long black, just in case it wasn’t strong enough.

These little touches combined with the warm atmosphere and friendly, attentive service added to fantastic first impression of Kith ‘n’ Chow. I saw a lot of value from the $12 I paid for my food.

My Dad went for the $10 Bacon and Egg stack, which he claims was very enjoyable. His only recommendation was that each slice of the bread could have used a little bit of avocado or the option of butter on the side.

But this is coming from a man of an English family who ate so much butter that looking back, they probably would’ve saved a hell of a lot of money on buying winter layers, ‘cos their natural ones that were vesseled through their morning toast each day would have been sufficient enough.

Aside from my Dad’s hope for a little more moisture on his sourdough, the only fault I can find was that there currently aren’t any eftpos facilities available on the van – but we were still able to pay via card using the eftpos machine from next door (which happens to be a cafe and florist owned by Susie and Minsie’s Dad).

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Kith ‘n’ Chow. It is simple, quiet (for now) and quaint – an appropriately named and ideal place to meet with friends and family for a very laid back and casual breakfast, or even grab to a bite to eat by yourself.

I’m super excited to watch this unique little suburbian venture grow as Brisbanites discover the many benefits that extend well beyond merely eating when sharing breakfast food.


*Please note that my hatred for brunch in no way conflicts with my absolute love for breakfast food consumed at lunch time.


Words by Jess Morman.

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