Mid-week Madness

Posted by on Feb 20, 2016 in Restaurants

I love going out for a mid-week meal. Breaking up work and home with a little bit of fun is good for the heart and soul. It is not, however, always healthy for the bank. I’ve found that the best way to convince my friends to join me for dinner during the week is with a deal that is just too good to ignore.



Heya Bar- Whilst I usually stumble into Heya Bar late at night, keen for a cheeseburger spring roll to satiate my drunken cravings, I am now heading there next Tuesday, when their food menu is all half price. Now no one can shame you for ordering multiple serves of the Kung Pao Chicken Wings. Their spicy-sticky-sweet glaze is so finger lickin’ good, you’ll need two bowls for two, so neither of you need to share.


Tippler’s Tap- $2 Tacos on Tuesday. The alliteration alone is enough of a reason to go. The spicy beef taco with coriander and extra gauc for only 50C is the reason to stay.



London Club- With Locals Night every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, it’s hard not to find a night to head to the London Club. Choose a meat and a side for $15, with meat options such as a 250g grain fed rump, crispy skin red reef snapper or twice cooked pork belly. Side options include a herbed potato gratin with steamed peas (mmm peas) or sweet potato mash with wilted spinach. With dinner this cheap, it’s easy to justify ordering dessert. Or a cocktail. Or both.



Lucky Egg- 50c Wings. Nuff said. Honestly, just heck yes.



The Fox- The Fox has different food deals across the week but their Thursday night offering is a winner. Paella! Cooked on the Long Bar, it’ll be hard to not order this dish as the delicious tomato and saffron sauce wafts towards you. $19 will get you a bowl of paella and a glass of sangria whereas $35 will get you paella for two and a carafe of sangria. Can anyone say Ole?!


Delfina’s Bistro- To feel fancy free on a Thursday, but still save some dollars for Friday night dranks, head to Delfina’s. Choose from any ‘Meal for 2’ and get two of the Thursday cocktail special for $70. Meal options include a whole fried fish with Asian greens and soy chilli dressing.



Harajuku Gyoza- Mi-feel-so lucky with this tasty, heartwarming bowl of soup for only $3! Grab some grilled pork gyoza for $8 and enjoy the happy faces around the bar.


The Bleachers- With $20 getting you a burger, fries and a beer, it’ll feel like your fingers are dripping with gold. It’s actually their special sauce but it tastes just as sweet 😀


Whatever your craving, there’s such to be a tasty deal in Brisbane that will help you cure it and still leave enough change in your wallet for a coffee the next morning. So on your next midweek night, instead of getting into your pj’s and netflixing the night away, put on an extra swipe of mascara and enjoy an affordable night out.