Morning After West End Review Now that I have your attention...

How to find the best place for breakfast in Brisbane (Hint: It’s Morning After Cafe in West End!)

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I recently stumbled upon the Morning After Cafe in West End.

Morning After West End Review

Now that I have your attention…

Well stumbled isn’t the right word. In fact, my process when finding a place for breakfast is quite consistent and straightforward.

I’ve found that if you follow these instructions carefully you’ll almost always find somewhere excellent to eat. If you’re a straight-to-business, left-sock-before-right-sock person you can scroll past my simple and reliable method to read about Morning After cafe, but if you do you might also grow an abundance of hair in embarrassing places all over your body. I wouldn’t take the risk.

Step One: Warm up

Choosing somewhere to eat, especially if this involves negotiations with your partner, could take days or weeks, depending on your stamina and resistance to yelling “OH FUCK IT, let’s just eat at home!” Do some facial stretches so you can bust that perfect “yeah, thanks for the suggestion but no” face on call. Load up on carbs and electrolytes to prevent dehydration.

This nice lady demonstrates face stretches. Unfortunately she also happens to be possessed by a demon. (Source:

This nice lady demonstrates face stretches. Unfortunately she also happens to be possessed by a demon. (Source)

Step Two: Scan Fridge and Cupboard

You’ve decided that you want to go out for breakfast. But you haven’t really decided yet. Check to see whether a serve of smashed avo has materialised in your cupboard. It hasn’t? I’m disappointed on your behalf. I don’t usually have success on this step either. Still, it was worth it, because now you know that you’re definitely heading out for breakfast. The only alternative would be to amputate one of the miscellaneous containers from the growing frost monster on the back wall of the fridge and we both know that that’s not going to happen. Sleep well frosty, you live another day.

Step Three: Consult the Urban List

Feel a sudden urge to buy a mini cooper, visit every single cafe and restaurant in Brisbane (because, according the the urban list every single cafe and restaurant is life-changing), and be no closer to knowing where to eat. Wonder why you bothered with step three.

Step Four: Floss

Dental hygiene is always important.

Step Five: Consult an ancient scroll found in a decrepit temple/pyramid.

Worth a shot.

Step Six: Browse Instagram

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Morning After Cafe West End Review

Uh huh. Yep. Hmmhmph.

Step Seven: Browse menus on Zomato.

Step Eight: Check the time

You’ve wasted utilised 45 minutes of your planning time. Your partner has begun her metamorphosis into a hangry wild animal. She hasn’t left you yet though, so there’s time for a few more steps.

Morning After West End

It was a tough choice between this gif or this video…

Step Nine: Start driving aimlessly

Step 10: Run through your last-minute-decision checklist

Look for a place that is:

a) Busy – it’s probably busy for a reason.

b) Not too busy – If everyone knows about it then it can’t be any good.

c) Uncharted territory.


Continue driving until you find the perfect place or get so frustrated that you eat at the next place you see.

When I diligently apply this method I find that I consistently discover an excellent place for breakfast. Last week, however, my method yielded the best results yet! Morning After cafe is an absolute gem.

Morning After Cafe West End Review

Sleek curves and a minimalist theme.

Morning After cafe has a sleek and modern decor with a white, green, and pine colour scheme. There is a tendency for modern sleekness to border on industrial grunge in modern cafes (often as a result of the overuse of stainless steel) – Morning After does not suffer from this problem. It feels like a cafe you mind find tucked away at the Apple headquarters – minimalist chic.

On my first visit to Morning after cafe I found myself thinking “This place is like Public for breakfasts”. On my second trip it was confirmed: both Morning After and Public share a flair for meals that are creatively conceived and beautifully presented. I tried the Warm vanilla rice pudding with poached pear, prunes, cardamom and pistachio. It was an incredibly comforting meal that reminded me of grandma’s home cooking except that grandma probably wouldn’t have thought to add cardamom and pistachio to the mix. It’s the cardamom and pistachio, however, that take this meal from good to great giving a subtle spice kick that takes this from grandma territory into a a whole new realm. Morning After are doing things a little differently – and in the Brisbane market this is very rare to find!

Morning After Cafe west end review

Warm vanilla rice pudding with poached pear, prunes, cardamom, and pistachio.

We also had the MaMuffin. West Enders take note: if you’re going to grab some pre-commute breakfast noms there aren’t many better options than Morning After’s take on the classic McMuffin. Like the Maccas version the MaMuffin is on the small side and you’ll probably want another after you finish, but unlike the Maccas version having a second won’t make you feel like forcibly reversing your meal after your bus-ride to work.

Morning After Cafe West End Review

The relish on this MaMuffin is sensational

Next up is the breakfast Carbonara, which seems weird until you realise that carbonara is just bacon, eggs, and carbs in another form. Morning After’s take is a chunky interpretation of carbonara with thick pasta, big chunks of mushroom, and a whole egg on top. If you like the flavours of carbonara but don’t like the cream-intensive goop in a traditional cab you’ll probably appreciate the Morning After version.

Morning After Cafe West End Review

Carbonara – The new bacon and eggs?

Finally there’s the Tempura Barramundi Tacos with asian slaw, wasabi mayo, and corriander. This was the only meal that fell a little short comparative to Morning After’s other offerings. Whilst they still would have been one of the better options at a lesser cafe Morning After’s precedent makes these tacos stand out as a “safe” option compared to the creative ingredients and flavour cominations in other options. Still, I thouroughly enjoyed these tacos and, as usual, they were presented beautifully.

Morning After West End Review

Tempura Barramundi tacos with asian slaw, chili, wasabi mayo, and corriander.

Morning After is located on the Corner of Vulture Street and Cambridge Street in West End, just up the road from Bosc.

They are open 7 Days from 7am until 4pm.
Breakfast prices range between $8 and $18.50.
Lunch prices range between $14.50 and $22.


Review by Andrew Bloyce.
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