Plankton, Smoke, and Seaweed – A unique whisky event!

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Old-fashioned sticking plaster, peat smoke and seaweed leap off the nose, followed by something a little sweeter and fruitier. Massive on the palate, with fish oil, salt and plankton…

What is being described here? Go on, have a guess. Maybe some sort of Asian seafood dish? A derivative of miso-soup perhaps? It’s a tough question in itself but is made even more complex when you start considering where the quote may have originated from and how on earth they are so well aquainted with the taste of plankton. Is this what decades of marine studies into whale songs have yielded? An intercepted broadcast of a particularly eloquent whale discussing his lunch with fellow gastronomic great sea mammals…

Nope. If that’s what you were thinking you’re not even close.

Here’s a hint:

Here’s a more helpful hint:

Got it yet?

Yes, it’s whisky. But it’s a whisky so unique that it deserves a class of its own. In fact Laphroaig is one of the few whiskys that I consistently enjoy despite primarily being a beer drinker. I’m not sure that I pick up plankton and seaweed – but what I definitely notice (it’s hard to ignore) is the distinctive smokiness in Laphroaig. It’s like somebody managed to bottle the smell of all my childhood camping trips (specifically the the taste of burnt-marshmallow-stick) into a liquor that is equal parts assertive and comforting. Beautiful stuff.


The reason I’m telling you all this is that Laphroaig is hosting a whisky event at one of my favourite Brisbane whisky bars – Cobbler. We don’t usually talk about events much on HITW but this one is worth the mention – Laphoaig was my epiphany whisky, the whisky that made me realise that not all whiskys need to be swallowed with a wince. Maybe you can have a similar experience at this event?

Here’s the program for the evening:

  1. Whisky Tasting including Laphroaig’s Select Cask, Quarter Cast and Triple Wood.
  2. Islay oysters. Are oysters a traditional pairing with whisky? I have no idea. But who cares!
  3. Stone Wall cocktails into the night. The Stone Wall cocktails is an intruiging mix of Laphroaig whisky, whisky Marmalade, triple sec and fresh lemon juice – A kind of variation on the classic Penicillin cocktail and another reason to drag your significant other along to this event. Not a spirit drinker? No worries, cocktail fans are covered too!

Here’s the need to know details:

WHAT: The Stone Wall Laphroaig whisky tasting

WHEN: Tuesday 17th November, 7pm

WHERE: Cobbler Bar, 7 Browning Street, West End, Brisbane

HOW MUCH: $25 – Bookings made by emailing hugh@cobblerbar.com (A complete bargain when you consider that a single nip of Laphroaig can cost upwards of $15 in many Brisbane venues!)


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