Project 41

Project #41 – Secret business at bowen hills.

Posted by on Mar 16, 2016 in Cafes, Restaurants

Project 41 opened in Bowen Hills recently. Which made me think of something like this:

It contains the classified information on yummies.

It contains classified information on yummies.

You know, secret agents with upturned collars and furrowed brows muttering into their wire We have a positive on Project 41. I repeat: Project 41“. Before you too disappear into imagination-land I’ll spoil the fun: It turns out that Project 41 is actually a cafe. But don’t let yourself think that just because it’s a cafe Project 41 doesn’t have the cool-factor of secret-agent gadgets – because it does. It also has bacon subs.

Project 41 is located at 41 O’Connell Street in Bowen Hills, which is just opposite the Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital. It’s a sleek and modern looking cafe with polished concrete and those lightbulbs with the exposed filament that you’re probably seeing everywhere lately. Let’s face it, it’s not unique, but do you care? Probably not when the interior is a sexy as it is. It’s a grey suit with a skinny tie; just a bit more stylish than plain black but still a suit. A safe, professional option.

Sleek, minimilist interior.

Sleek, minimilist interior.


Very competitively priced!

What does differentiate Project 41 from it’s peers, however, is it’s menu and pricing. Project 41 is priced very competitively given it’s inner city location with everything on the menu costing under $14. Most menu items are about $9. For breakfast you can get jaffles (that’s one point towards my trend predicting abilities) with either Smoked Pork and Bechamel (the Hock Monsieur), Baked Beans with ham and cheddar, the reuben with pastrami and sauerkraut, or spaghetti bolognese. That’s right, a spaghetti bolognese jaffle. Hangover food doesn’t get any better than this ladies and gentlemen.


The 'Hock Monsieur" Jaffle.

The ‘Hock Monsieur” Jaffle.

Bacon Sub

Bacon Sub

Overall Project 41 is an excellent choice if you’re in the area. It’s a slick venue that would function equally well as a casual date location as it would a business meeting over coffee. It’s got an affordable menu with a combination of cafe classics (salads, quiche, etc) and creative flourishes (their jaffle range). Check them out on facebook here. Or on instagram here.


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