Amazing Mural - That's Sophocles in the middle. Amazing Mural - That's Sophocles in the middle.

QTC’s ‘Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’ – A tale of incest set in Australian Suburbia

Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Events, Theatre

Before attending last night’s sneak peak of Queensland Theatre Company‘s ‘Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore‘ I thought I’d better brush up on the story of Oedipus. If you’d like to do the same here is the most entertaining overview I found:

QTC’s version of this classic, gory tragedy has been modernized and set in  Australian suburbia. So rather than Oedipus travelling from Corinth to Thebes you might well imagine him catching the Ipswich line from Redbank to Darra. Even from the short excerpt performed last night it was evident that director and writer Daniel Evans is aiming to make a splash; This isn’t a a boring, outdated, re-iteration of the Oedipus the King – it’s  a brutally honest, unrestrained, cringingly reflective Australian exploration of the most flawed elements of our psyches.


When Oedpidus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore was first read in front of an audience it was like a gasp of excitement and shock. You found yourself revolted and excited, moved to tears and lauging so hard you got a stitch. It was a breathtaking piece of work with such a modern sensibility that it was to to believe it was a story that has been around for a millennia – Wesley Enoch

Amazing Mural - That's Sophocles in the middle.

Amazing Mural – That’s Sophocles in the middle.


Having won the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award for New Work Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore is not a piece of theatre you want to miss and I’m excited to give you a full review next week having seen it! Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore opens this Friday the 29th of May at the Billie Brown Studio in South Brisbane. Tickets are available here.

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Review by Andrew Bloyce. 



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