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Street food at its funkiest

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Restaurants

It’s no surprise that the Hole in the Wall team are fans of Vietnamese food. It’s light, fresh and easy (just like a perfect date) and whether it’s done simply or extravagantly, it’s always great.

Enter new kid on the block, Uncle Bia Hoi’s, my new favourite Vietnamese restaurant that you don’t have to drive to Woop-Woop for.

This is street food at its funkiest, with red lanterns, solid cement benches and steam from the grills filling the air. With music pumping through the restaurant and the lights turned down low, you get in the party mood pretty darn quickly.

Please excuse the image quality- Funky vibes usually make for terrible lighting!

The bar menu itself is nice and extensive, with a range of Vietnamese inspired cocktails, wines and, of course, Vietnamese beers, to choose from.

The food is bloody good. We stuck mostly to dishes ‘from ‘da grill’, such as the barbequed prawn skewers with a chilli salt. These babies were plump AF and the salt made me thirsty. With both its flavours and dehydrating abilities.

The mixed grill was also a success with lemongrass beef, glazed pork and free range chicken skewers served with Nuoc Cham, Spring Onion oil and pickles.

Deliciousness upon deliciousness,

Deliciousness upon deliciousness,

The satay chicken rice paper rolls packed a punch of heat that was well appreciated as were the BBQ pork rolls.

And what’s a Vietnamese feast without Pork spring rolls? A sad one, that’s what. Ours was not a sad night with the spring rolls having the crispiest pastry that flaked away in our mouths.

Springin' right into my mouth.

Springin’ right into my mouth.

Looking around the room, I got serious food envy over the salt and pepper squid (always a classic) and the bowls of steaming Pho. I was already sold on this restaurant, and I’ll definitely be returning for these dishes!


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Uncle Bia Hoi

1 East Street New Farm


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