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There’s nothing suburban about the new menu at Suburban Cafe

Posted by on Oct 18, 2015 in Cafes

Tucked away at the intersection between Melbourne St and Boundary, is a suburban gem, aptly named The Suburban Café.

Suburban Café aims to give West End locals a tasty, reliable spot for a delicious breakfast and it delivers.

With a new menu catering for spring, their meals are light, focusing on seasonal greens and fresh produce.

Now, if I were anywhere near as generous as Donkey, I’d make waffles for my friend. But I’m not. I’m lazy. I much prefer someone else to make waffles.


So when Suburban Café has two types of waffle on the menu, you know you’re in for a treat.

The sweet waffles have chunks of honeycomb scattered around the plate with a chocolate ganache, vanilla bean ice-cream and malt crumb. Watching the eyes of the little boy at the table next to us light up as this dish came to a stop in front of him, filled me with serious food envy. But there was no way in hell that kid was going to share.

Then there was the savoury option. Oh ma gawd. Chicken waffles. It’s one of those tropes of American fatty cuisine, that you hear and think-what the hell is wrong with Americans that they’re having dinner for breakfast? But, every once in a while, the Americans get something right. And this dish is living proof.

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Golden fried chunks chicken with candied bacon and maple syrup. This is a dish that’ll have you licking every last sweet/savoury drop off your fingers. It’s reminiscent of honey chicken that we all got from Chinese takeaway as a kid but amped up on the flavour scale. This dish is a winner winner, chicken dinner.

For non-waffle lovers, fear not. The breakfast nachos consistently get rave reviews and the big breakfast looks, honest to god, like the breakfast of champions.

Another favourite is the zucchini fritters with sweet corn, layered with avocado and topped with yoghurt and beetroot relish. It’s light, flavoursome and will leave you jam-packed with nutrients to see you through the day. I added a poached egg, because why the heck not, and it was poached to perfection with the oozy yolk adding extra flavour to the dish.

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Whatever your favourite flavour, Suburban Café seems to cater for all.

Their new menu includes all the breakfast staples that Brissie loves and adores and introduces some new items that we didn’t know we needed. So whether you live in West End or not, this local’s favourite should be a favourite for all.


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