Credit to Missfoodie for the image. Credit to Missfoodie for the image.

The Burrow – FAQS

Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in Bars, Restaurants

THE BURROW (West End): FAQS Q:WHAT IS THIS? WHERE AM I? ARE YOU REVIEWING SOMETHING? THIS ISN’T A FORMAT OF REVIEW I’M USED TO! I’M CONFUSED AND YELLING! 🙁 A:  Yes, you’re reading a review of The Burrow. Q: Oh ok, so where is this place? A:  37 Mollison Street, West End Q: Ahhh, so it’s …

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Craft beer, we love you.

Posted by on Oct 22, 2013 in Bars, Infographics, Restaurants

It’s no secret that we’re getting a little bit pretentious about our beer. According to IBISWorld’s Craft Beer Production Report, boutique beer revenues have shot up 6.4% in the past year alone. And thank god for that, because craft beer is just, well… better. Have a read of our ‘alcohol themed’ infographic at the bottom …

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