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The couch potato miracle diet

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015 in Retail, Takeaway

I’m lazy. It’s no secret. As I type this, I’m sitting on the couch eating cupcakes and watching House on Netflix.

But just because I’ve become complacent with my laziness and have managed to quash my inner narrative telling me I should make the most of the winter sun outside, doesn’t mean I am willing to sacrifice my health. My body is still my beanbag of a temple *namaste*. The secret to keeping my supermodel physique in peak condition is Charlie’s Fruit Market.

The key to this delightful family-run fruit and veg supplier is that they deliver to your door. No more using your legs to walk to the supermarket to acquire nutritional goods! What a time to be alive!

Not only is Charlie’s convenient, the price is right. Every time I peak outside my front door on delivery day it’s like Mother Nature filled in for Santa and delivered Christmas early. The truly exciting bit is the unboxing. This is when I let all my frustration at supermarket giants, Coles and Woolworths fly – cursing their extortionate produce prices as I marvel at my giant bargain box of Charlie’s fruit and veg.

Mother Nature in her Santa costume #sexysanta. Image from

Mother Nature in her Santa costume #sexysanta.
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If you’re willing to walk on the wild side and misshapen veg doesn’t give you the willies, Charlie’s do ‘Ugly Boxes’. This is boxes of discounted produce that would be deemed too unattractive to sell at full price. They have great personalities though so give them a chance.

Image from the 'Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables' campaign by Intermarche

Image from the ‘Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables’ campaign by Intermarche

Millions of tonnes of fruit and veg get thrown away every year worldwide because they aren’t pretty enough for supermarket giants’ high standards. So we’re chuffed that Brissy has a local provider embracing the ugly fruit and veg and delivering it to the doors of couch potatoes like me.

Charlie’s deliver a couple of times a week to most areas of Brisbane. You can also pop into their store in Everton Park.

If getting excited about fruit and veg is your thing (no judgement), you should check out Charlie’s Instagram for snaps of some seriously healthy food hauls: @charliesfruitmarket

If you want to see some funny pictures of ugly fruit with big personalities, you should check out this campaign from French supermarket chain, Intermarche:


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