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There is an excellent Instagram account called “You did not eat that”. And it has a heap of pictures like this:





Overly pose-y models with food that they probably never ate. It’s humour that allows our tall-poppy syndrome to shine through. You silly models with your excellent bodies and thousands of loyal followers and your….. no… I’m not crying… just, something in my eye.

Yes, there is a definite element of ‘Ha! Look at you with your trivial life, posing with food that you didn’t eat’ that makes these images funny. But I think that the real source of the humour is more black comedy than ridicule. It’s funny because so many of us do this sort of thing, albeit more subtly, on a daily basis. I have Crime and Punishment sitting on my bookshelf. I bought it because it’s a literature ‘must-read’ but honestly I’m terribly intimidated by it so I leave it sitting on the shelf. This is the exact same thing as holding food that you don’t eat but with a pretentious quasi-intellectual bent!

Instagram is the BEST place for witnessing this sort of social change. And I say social change because attitudes towards this sort of ‘posey’ behaviour are changing – it’s becoming normal. It’s becoming normal to spend a few minutes taking a photo of your food before you eat it (save that baby for a #latergram). It’s becoming normal to stop whatever fun thing you are doing to post a status on Facebook with the feeling ‘having fun’ to tell everything about how much fun the thing is that you’ve now stopped doing.

It’s undeniable now – our lives become validated when, and only when, we digitally share our experiences. I’ve experienced a pang of regret when I finish an excellent meal and realise that I didn’t Instagram it. I’m sure that someone from the #fitspo community feels a similar anguish when their swollen, vascular muscles go uncaptured for the obligatory post-gym shot. We are all in the same self-absorbed boat here, but no-one wants to admit that they’ve boarded.

It’s brilliantly comedic.

I spoke to a really attractive and muscular guy the other day and we got talking about instagram. When I asked him what sort of things he posts he said ‘oh, you know, just me hanging out with friends and stuff’. Yeah, sure buddy. I found his instagram later and discovered that it’s mostly him posing shirtless in his underwear and basically, looking hot. But why was he ashamed to say ‘I post sexy photos of myself’? Lots of people do it! #SexySelfies are second only to #foodporn when it comes to social media!

People are uncomfortable because right now we are still in the transition stage. We are still coming to grips with our narcissism and so we oscillate between shame and acceptance. “You did not eat that” is funny now but will be real-life within a few years.

Here’s a few more examples:

#headstand #beer #craftbeer #yoga #yogi #strength #spiritualjunkie #shutthekaleup #namaste @magichatbrewing

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It is absolutely OK that you went to the effort of setting an auto-timer AND standing on your head to show-off your fancy beer. Nice work.



Laughing really accentuates his abs. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.



This is our life now.




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Article by Andrew Bloyce


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